Life Skills Guidance On Hand From Life Coach And Radio Show Host Scott Tucker

Life Skills Guidance On Hand From Life Coach And Radio Show Host Scott Tucker

Life can be confusing, complicated and sometimes just too much to digest without the help of others. Finding the time to make the most of work, leisure and family can be a tough task. When things start to get a little hectic, knowing you can seek some help and guidance is sometimes all you need to get things back on track again.

Here at Our Family Fun Night we recently discovered ‘Ministry Mondays’, a self-help radio show co-hosted by Scott Tucker and Brian Hackney. The show is broadcast on on Monday’s at 10.30am and 10.30pm CST and is just the thing for people seeking a little guidance. The show combines thoughtful analysis with in depth advice and is positively uplifting and thoroughly helpful.

Realizing there are others out there juggling the same fears and concerns is not only reassuring, but can help people stop feeling so isolated and lonely. Co-hosts Scott Tucker and Brian Hackney offer advice, tips and spiritual guidance to listeners on a broad range of topics, although they mainly specialize in family values, relationships and life lessons. The success of the show hinges mainly of the rapport that Tucker and Hackney have on air. Their ability to combine practical coaching advice with compassion and realism is one of biggest reasons why the show has become so success it is.

According to Scott Tucker’s website the Scott Tucker and Brian Hackney first met while serving on the leadership team of a local men’s ministry in East Texas, and after realizing they had a certain chemistry Scott interviewed Brian for one of the very first ‘Ministry Mondays’ shows. Since then the pair have developed a successful on air platform for helping people work through their family, personal relationship and life coaching issues.

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